St. Michael's College

Faculty List

Professors Emeriti
A. Dooley, MA, PhD
S. Hoselton, MA, M Ed

A. Andrée, MA, PhD, LMS (Program Coordinator, Mediaeval Studies)
R. Boyagoda, MA, PhD
M. G. McGowan, MA, PhD
G. Silano, LLB, MA, PhD
D. A. Wilson, MA, PhD

Associate Professors
R. Locklin, MTS, PhD 
B. Miles, MA, PhD (Program Coordinator, Celtic Studies)

Associate Professors, Teaching Stream
I. J. Gildea, MA, PhD (USMC)
M. O’Connor, PhD, STB, STL, DPhil (USMC) (Program Coordinator, Christianity and Culture)

Assistant Professors, Teaching Stream
M. Coilféir, PhD (USMC)
P. Granata, MA, MA, PhD (USMC) (Program Coordinator, Book and Media Studies)
A. More, MA, PhD (USMC)
F. Parker, MA, PhD (USMC)
J.O. Richard, PhD (USMC)
S. Tardif, MA, PhD (USMC)


The programs at St. Michael's College emerge from its academic strength in various scholarly fields and reflect its centuries-old Christian intellectual traditions. The College is home to the Mediaeval Studies program, the Celtic Studies program, the Book and Media Studies program and the Christianity and Culture program. These programs are linked with our first year seminars: the Gilson Seminar in Faith and Ideas, the Boyle Seminar in Scripts and Stories, the McLuhan Seminar in Creativity and Technology and our new Seminar in Christianity, Truth and Reconciliation.
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Book and Media Studies

The Book and Media Studies program is an interdisciplinary and historical investigation of the role of printing, books, reading, and electronic and digital media in cultures past and present. It includes both print and electronic media, covering topics like manuscript and book production, internet publishing, book illustrations, advertising, censorship, and reading and entertainment alongside the development of mass media, the advent of radio, the emergence of television, global telecommunications, social media, and the internet.

Celtic Studies

The Celtic Studies Program offers a wide variety of undergraduate courses on the languages, literature, history, music, folklore, art and archaeology of the peoples of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We examine Celtic identities in the modern as well as the ancient and medieval world and explore the transmission of these traditions to Canada and the United States.

Christianity and Culture

The Christianity and Culture Program offers students an opportunity to study Christianity from a variety of perspectives, including its self-understanding, history, and interaction with various facets of western and world culture. The program also explores how Christian experience continues to develop in its encounter with contemporary culture and issues.

Mediaeval Studies

Mediaeval Studies is an interdisciplinary program encompassing all aspects of European culture from the fall of Rome to the fall of Constantinople. Students examine the mediaeval foundations of modern culture through history, thought, literature, and art.

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SMC One: First-Year Seminars

The Gilson Seminar in Faith and Ideas

First-year students explore the intersection of faith with today’s most important questions. This course also features a two-week international learning experience in Rome that explores the roles that the Catholic Church and Vatican have played in ecology, science, literature and politics.

The Boyle Seminar in Scripts and Stories

First-year students investigate the intersection of Celtic and mediaeval cultures through manuscript analysis and language instruction. Participants are invited to travel to Ireland with the course instructors for an out-of-course international learning experience the following summer.

The McLuhan Seminar in Creativity and Technology

First-year students explore the relationship between creativity and technology and the individual, social, and cultural effects of innovation. The McLuhan Seminar will include a one-week trip to Silicon Valley, California.

The Seminar in Christianity, Truth and Reconciliation

First-year students critically explore the complex relations of Christianity and Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island, with a special focus on education. The course includes guest speakers and travel to residential school site(s) and archives in Ontario.


First-Year Foundations Seminars

We offer small first-year seminars taught by St. Michael’s College professors that offer a topic-based and inter-disciplinary introduction to university-level studies. 


Principal & Vice President: 81 St. Mary Street, Room 127, Odette Hall (416-926-7148)