Trinity College

Faculty List

D.P.H. Allen, MA, B. Phil, D. Phil
R. Bothwell, AM, PhD 
M. Hewitt, MA, PhD
J. Kirton, MA, PhD (Interim Director, International Relations Program) 
M. Moran, LL.B, LL.M, SJD (ES&L Program) 
M. Ratcliffe, BSc, PhD 
I. Zeitlin, PhD

Assistant Professors 
J. Billett, M.Phil., PhD 
J. Duncan, MA, PhD (Director, Ethics, Society, & Law Program) 
M.J. Kessler, PhD (Director, Trinity One Program)

Sessional Lecturers 
L. Boehm, MSc, PhD (Trinity One) 
M. Braunstein, BSc, MSc, PhD (Trinity One) 
C. Chapdelaine-Feliciati, LL.B., B.C.L., LL.M., PhD (Trinity One and ES&L Program)
S. J. Cunningham, PhD (IR Program) 
S. Davis, MA, PhD (Trinity One and Associate Director, ES&L Program) 
J. M. Dirks, PhD (IR Program)
G. Eidelman, PhD (Trinity One)
J. English, MA, PhD (IR Program) 
H. Evans Cameron, BA, LL.B, SJD (ES&L Program) 
J. Fitzgibbon, PhD (Trinity One) 
J. Gilmour, MA, PhD (Trinity One & IR Program) 
J. Herold, BA, MA, PhD 
A. Kislenko, MA, PhD (Trinity One) 
D. Laverty, BA, PhD (Other Trinity Courses and ES&L Program) 
T. Miedema, BA, LL.B, SJD (ES&L Program) 
O. Rojas, PhD (Trinity One) 
S. Stevenson, MA, PhD (Other Trinity Courses)
P. Patchet-Golubev, (Other Trinity Courses)

Adjunct Professors 
B. Ferguson, MA, PhD 
SJ Silverman, MA, DPhil (ES&L Program)


Trinity College offers Trinity One, a set of first-year courses, an independent studies program, and three inter-disciplinary programs: Ethics, Society, and Law; Immunology; International Relations. The Major Program in Ethics, Society, and Law assembles courses offered by a variety of Departments and Colleges, including History, Philosophy, Political Science, Religion, Sociology, Woodsworth College and Trinity College. The Specialist and Major Programs in Immunology are assembled from offerings by the Departments of Biochemistry, Immunology, Molecular Genetics. The International Relations Program encompasses courses offered by the Departments of History, Political Science, Economics and Trinity College.

The Margaret MacMillan Trinity One Program

Trinity One provides first-year students with the opportunity to explore together significant issues and ideas pertaining to the conduct of human life and world affairs. Trinity One has six streams, each linked to a prominent aspect of the College’s intellectual identity: Policy, Philosophy, & Economics; Ethics, Society, & Law; International Relations; Medicine & Global Health; Biomedical Health; and Environment & Sustainability. Each stream includes two seminar courses limited to 25 students. These courses foster small-group discussion and emphasize the development of critical-thinking, oral-presentation, writing and research skills. Co-curricular events enable students in the streams of Trinity One to hear guest speakers and to engage in informal conversation with one another and with their professors. Please see the Trinity One webpages.

Ethics, Society, and Law

The Ethics, Society and Law program allows undergraduates to explore some of the most crucial questions facing contemporary society, and to do so by means of an explicitly interdisciplinary approach. The humanities, social sciences and natural sciences all provide useful lenses for study and distinctive skill sets. Students are required to cover core areas in each of the streams; they additionally select their own areas of focus from optional courses in fields like philosophy, religion, anthropology, women and gender studies, economics, geography, political science, sociology and criminology. Engaging across disciplines, E, S and L majors acquire  a strong critical preparation for well-informed, effective analysis and action, which will serve them professionally, locally and as a members of the global community. Please see the ES&L webpages.

Immunology Studies

For more information please see the entry under Immunology or the Immunology departmental web site.

Independent Studies

Consult the Director, Dr. Gillian Gillison, Trinity College (office is located in room 319 Larkin Building). 

The Trinity College Independent Studies Program is open to students of all colleges.  Only full-time students are eligible to apply. It allows you to undertake extensive research into a topic that interests you, and it is an especially suitable way of doing interdisciplinary work on subjects that are not directly part of the present university curriculum.

Participation in the program is restricted to students who have completed at least 10 courses. The maximum number of independent studies half courses for which a student may receive credit is one, and the maximum number of independent studies full course equivalents for which a student may receive credit is two. Normally the work done is to be the equivalent of two full courses. Permission to register in an independent studies half course, or in an independent studies full course, will normally be granted only to students with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.50. Permission to undertake an independent studies project for the equivalent of two full courses will normally be granted only to students with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.70. Your proposal must also be approved by your supervisor and accepted by the Director of the program.

Students must submit to the Director before the beginning of the academic year a copy of their academic transcript and an outline of their topic (signed by the supervisor) and a suggested bibliography. For evaluation of the work done in the program a short thesis or equivalent is required, prepared and submitted by the last day of classes in the fall or winter session as appropriate. The supervisor and a second reader (nominated by the supervisor and approved by the Director) are responsible for the evaluation. The Director will require regular progress reports throughout the year. Students must have a supervisor and second reader in order to get approval for their projects.

Either the supervisor or the second reader must be a tenured University of Toronto faculty member. A supervisor who is not a tenured University of Toronto faculty member will normally be required to be a full-time faculty member of the University.

Students enrolling for the first time register for one or more of TRN300H1TRN301Y1TRN302Y1, or for one or more of TRN400H1TRN404Y1, and TRN405Y1, as appropriate. Those enrolling for a second time register in one or more of TRN400H1TRN404Y1, and TRN405Y1, as appropriate.

For more information, please see the Independent Studies webpage