Sexual Diversity Studies Major

(Arts Program)
Completion Requirements: 

Although Sexual Diversity Studies offers no first-year courses (though some students may come to SDS having taken UC104Y: Engaging Toronto: Sex in the City), and has no prequisites to take our second-year introductory courses, students may find it useful to take a broad range of courses in their first year from the Humanities and Social Sciences, such as first-year courses in Anthropology (ANT100Y), Art (FAH101H, FAH102H), Classics (CLA160H), Drama (DRM100Y), English ENG110Y, ENG140Y, ENG150Y), Geography (GGR124H), History (HIS106Y, HIS109Y), Philosophy (PHL100Y), Sociology (SOC101Y, SOC102H, SOC103H), or Women and Gender Studies (WGS160Y).

Sexual Diversity Studies Major (6 full courses or their equivalent including at least 2.5 FCEs at the SDS 300+ level, 1.0 of which must be at the 400-level)

First year of the program:
1. SDS255H1, SDS256H1

Upper years:
2. SDS354H1/​SDS355H1
3. At least two of: JPS315H1 (formerly JPU315H1)/ENG273Y1/​SDS365H1/​WDW387H1 (SDS365H1 and WDW387H1 cannot be used together to fulfill this requirement, though students are free to take both courses)
4. At least one of JSU237H1/​SDS345H1 (or another approved course on HIV/AIDS)
5. At least one of SDS381H1/​SDS477H1 (or another approved course on Trans studies)
6. SDS382H1 (or another approved course on Queer of Colour Critique)
7. At least two of JNS450H1/​SDS455H1/​SDS456Y1/​SDS458H1/​SDS459Y1/​SDS460H/SDS460Y1/​SDS470H1/​SDS477H1/​SDS478H1/​SDS490Y1
8. Any remaining courses requirements may be drawn from the SDS Electives Group for a total of 6.0 FCEs

SDS Electives Group:

ANT343H1, ANT366H1, ANT441H1, ANT456H1, ANT462H1, CIN213H1, CIN330Y1, CRI380H1, CRI387H1, ENG235H1, ENG254Y1, ENG273Y1, ENG355H1, ENG364H1, ENG365H1, ENG382Y1, ENG384Y1, FRE304H1, GGR327H1, GGR363H1, HIS202H1, HIS348H1, HIS363H1, HIS383H1, JAL355H1, JNH350H1, JNS450H1, JPR364H1, JPS315H1, JSU237H1, JSU325H1, NEW240Y1, NEW241H1, NEW341H1, NEW344H1, NEW349H1, NEW449H1, PHL243H1, PHL271H1, PHL367H1, POL482H1, PSY323H1, RLG236H1, RLG313H1, SDS255H1, SDS256H1, SDS345H1, SDS346H1, SDS354H1, SDS355H1, SDS365H1, SDS375H1, SDS376H1, SDS377H1, SDS378H1, SDS379H1, SDS380H1, SDS381H1, SDS382H1, SDS390H1, SDS455H1,SDS456Y1, SDS458H1, SDS459Y1, SDS460Y1, SDS470H1, SDS477H1, SDS478H1, SDS490Y1, SOC214Y1, SOC309Y1, SOC365H1, SOC367H1, SOC410H1, VIC343Y1, VIC352Y1, WGS160Y, WGS350H1, WGS365H1, WGS367H1, WGS368H1, WGS369H1, WGS374H1. u001e

Other courses, such as Special Topics courses in other Departments or Programs, may be approved by the Business Officer/Associate Director on an individual basis. Students are responsible for checking co- and pre-requisites for courses from the SDS Electives Group.