Publication Updates

The 2020-21 Calendar was first published on May 8, 2020. Any updates or corrections following the initial publication will be noted on this page.

A summary of curriculum updates since the 2019-20 Calendar can be found on the Course Changes and Program Changes pages.

About the Calendar: How the Calendar Changes
June 8, 2020 Faculty Officers for 2020-21 updated
January 8, 2021 Faculty Officers for 2020-21 updated
Sessional Dates
Winter 2021 dates corrected
Actuarial Science
July 24, 2020 ACT390H1 Description revised
August 26, 2020 ACT391H1 New course added
American Studies
July 17, 2020 Sociology Course Group revised
June 16, 2020 ANA496H1 New course added
ANA497H1 New course added
June 16, 2020 JAR301H1 New course added
Art History
June 16, 2020 FAH452H1 New course added
June 16, 2020 BCH373H1 New course added
BCH375H1 New course added
BCH470H1 New course added
BCH471H1 New course added
Cognitive Science (University College)
June 16, 2020 COG344H1 New course added
COG345H1 New course added
Diaspora and Transnational Studies
July 27-28, 2020  Course Groups (Group A and Group B) revised
July 29, 2020 DTS305H1, DTS310H1, DTS311H1,
DTS312H1, DTS314H1
Prerequisites revised
July 10, 2020 ECO250Y1, ECO251H1, ECO252H1,
ECO350Y1, ECO351H1, ECO352H1,
ECO356H1, ECO420Y1, ECO421H1,
ECO422H1, ECO456H1
Descriptions and Prerequisites revised
Geography and Planning
June 12, 2020 JIG440H1 Prerequisite revised
June 22, 2020 JIG322H1 Prerequisite revised
July 10, 2020 HIS100Y1, HIS101Y1, HIS102Y1,
HIS103Y1, HIS106Y1, HIS107Y1,
HIS108Y1, HIS109Y1, HIS110Y1
Exclusions revised
History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
June 16, 2020 HPS371H1 New course added
Human Biology
July 16, 2020 HMB342H1 Prerequisite revised
Indigenous Studies
June 12, 2020 JIG440H1 Prerequisite revised
June 22, 2020 JIG322H1 Prerequisite revised
June 23, 2020 Faculty List and departmental contact information updated
May 11, 2020 MAT137Y1 Recommended Preparation revised
Oct 29, 2020 ASSPE1580 Completion Requirements corrected
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
June 16, 2020 MGY481H1 New course added
MGY482H1 New course added
July 10, 2020 Departmental contact information updated
New College
June 12, 2020 ASMIN1141 Completion Requirements revised
July 8, 2020 NEW449H1 Prerequisite revised
July 30, 2020 ASSPE1361 Completion Requirements revised
July 30, 2020 ASSPE2584 Completion Requirements revised
Political Science
June 9, 2020 POL208H1 Prerequisite revised and
Recommended Preparation removed
July 2, 2020 Faculty List updated
July 13, 2020 Faculty List updated
Oct 15, 2020 Faculty List updated
July 16, 2020 ASSPE1160 Completion Requirements revised
June 16, 2020 JAR301H1 New course added
Nov 3, 2020 Faculty List updated
Social Work
July 7, 2020 SWK301H1 New course added
SWK302H1 New course added
June 17, 2020 SOC349H1 Distribution Requirement category added
Aug 27, 2020 SOC310H1 Exclusions revised
Aug 27, 2020 SOC330H1 Exclusions revised
Trinity College
June 17, 2020 ASCER1469 Completion Requirements clarified
University College
October 26, 2020 UNI199H1 Course description revised
Victoria College
Sept 29, 2020 VIC360H1 Prerequisites revised
VIC360Y0 Prerequisites revised
VIC360Y1 Prerequisites revised
Women and Gender Studies
Feb 25, 2021 Departmental contact information updated