Publication Updates

The 2019-20 Calendar was first published on April 22, 2019. Any updates or corrections following the initial publication are noted below.

About the Calendar: How the Calendar Changes
July 4, 2019 Faculty leadership appointments updated
Rules and Regulations: Petitions and Appeals
December 12, 2019 Petitions for Deferred Examinations updated
Sessional Dates
December 12, 2019 Summer 2020 Sessional Dates updated
2019-20 Course Changes
September 30, 2019 Page refreshed
2019-20 Program Changes
September 30, 2019 Page refreshed
Actuarial Science
April 25, 2019 ACT240H1 Prerequisites updated
ACT245H1 Prerequisites updated
ACT247H1 Prerequisites updated
ACT475H1 Prerequisites updated
August 22, 2019 ACT451H1 Prerequisites updated
ACT452H1 Prerequisites updated
Cinema Studies
August 28, 2019 CIN381Y1 New course added
June 17, 2019 Faculty list updated
Computer Science
July 2, 2019 Computer Science Specialist, Computer Science Major, Computer Science Minor, Data Science Specialist Enrolment requirements updated
Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies (Centre for)
June 6, 2019 Faculty list updated
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
August 15, 2019 Faculty list updated
April 25, 2019 ECO372H1 Title modified
Ethics (Centre for)
May 8, 2019 ETH350H1 Description updated
First Year Foundations
July 9, 2019 INI100H1, INI101H1, INI102H1, INI106H1, NEW101H1, NEW102H1, NEW103H1, NEW104H1, NEW105H1, WDW151H1, WDW153H1 Prerequisites updated
July 18, 2019 FSL415H1 Prerequisites updated
FSL472H1 Exclusions updated
Geography and Planning
November 29, 2019 Focus in Urban Geography (Major), Focus in Urban Geography (Specialist) Completion requirements corrected
May 23, 2019 HIS436H1 Prerequisites updated
History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
May 28, 2019 HPS202H1 Description updated
HPS300H1 Exclusions updated
June 4, 2019 HPS308H1 Title updated
JPH311H1 Title updated
June 10, 2019 Faculty list updated
June 13, 2019 HPS201H1 Title and description updated
June 19, 2019 HPS390H1 Title updated
HPS391H1 Title updated
Indigenous Studies
May 15, 2019 INS492H1 New course added
Innis College
August 29, 2019 Urban Studies Major Enrolment requirements language corrected
October 30, 2019 Section text updated (re: department's contact information)
Jewish Studies, Centre for
August 28, 2019 CJS391H1, CJS392H1 New courses added
Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology
September 30, 2019 Section text updated (re: department's contact information)
July 2, 2019 Faculty list updated
October 10, 2019 Faculty list updated
June 24, 2019 Music Specialist, Music Major, Music Specialist with Ensemble Option, Music Major with Ensemble Option Enrolment requirements updated
Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations
May 13, 2019 Faculty list and section text updated (re: department's email address)
Peace, Conflict and Justice, Trudeau Centre for
September 5, 2019 PCJ360H1 Title and description corrected
April 25, 2019 PHY196H1 New course added
PHY199H1 Course re-weighted from Y to H
Political Science
July 17, 2019 JPS378H1 Prerequisites updated
Rotman Commerce
July 7, 2019 Faculty list and section text updated
July 7, 2019 Focus in Finance, Focus in Financial Statement Analysis, Focus in International Business, Focus in Leadership in Organizations, Focus in Marketing, Focus in Strategy and Innovation Completion requirements revised
Sexual Diversity Studies, Mark S. Bonham Centre for
July 17, 2019 JPS378H1 Prerequisites updated
Statistical Sciences
May 15, 2019 ASSPE2270, ASSPE2290 Completion requirements corrected
Trinity College
April 29, 2019 Section text updated (re: International Relations)
October 16, 2019 Faculty list updated
Victoria College
April 25, 2019 VIC170Y1 Title modified