Withdrawal and Return from Absence

Cancelling Registration 

Students who wish to cancel all their current courses in the Fall/Winter Session or in the Summer Session, and who do not intend to enrol in any other courses for the rest of the Session, can cancel their registration on ACORN. If a student is unable to cancel their registration on ACORN, the student can contact their College Registrar’s Office. 

Cancellation of registration only occurs when all courses are cancelled by the deadline to cancel courses without academic penalty. If any courses remain on a student’s record for the academic session – a final mark, CR/NCRP/FLLWD or WDR – the registration for that Session cannot be cancelled. If a student has a question about a possible refund of their tuition, the student can contact their College Registrar’s Office. 

When cancelling their registration, students must: 

  1. Pay any outstanding fees;
  2. return any books to the Library and pay any outstanding fines;
  3. vacate any laboratory or athletic lockers and return any equipment in their possession.

Undergraduate Leave of Absence Policy for International Students

An approved leave of absence will be permitted for international undergraduate Faculty of Arts & Science students who have completed at least one academic term (e.g. Fall 2020 or Winter 2021) and whose current academic standing is in good standing or on academic probation. Students may request a leave for the Fall term, the Winter term, or the complete Fall/Winter session, for up to a maximum of two consecutive Fall/Winter sessions.

Students considering taking a leave of absence must consult with the Centre for International Experience first, including discussing whether their circumstances are grounds for an approved leave. Students can book an appointment with an International Student Immigration Advisor under “booking and documentation” here.

Newly admitted students are not eligible for a leave of absence and should instead, if relevant, request a deferral of admission.

Students may request a leave for the following reasons:

  • Serious health, personal or family issues
  • Issues related to child birth or child care
  • Military service

Students may extend an approved leave of absence for up to a maximum of two consecutive Fall/Winter sessions. An extension beyond two consecutive Fall/Winter sessions will not be approved; students may choose to continue a leave but it will not be considered an approved leave of absence.

While on approved leave, students do not pay any tuition, incidental, or ancillary fees; are not permitted to enrol in courses or register in the Faculty; are not considered for scholarships or awards; and ccannot normally access University services (with the exception of their College Registrar’s Office and the Centre for International Experience), participate in student internships, or undertake undergraduate research. A student who has been granted an approved leave of absence under this policy is not exempt from academic deadlines, financial responsibilities, current or future policies, and fees schedules. 

To initiate a return to studies, students should contact their College Registrar’s Office at least one month in advance of the term or session in which they plan to resume their studies.

Return from Absence

Students who were previously registered as degree or non-degree students in the Faculty of Arts & Science, who have completed at least one course in the Faculty, and who have not been registered in the Faculty for at least 12 months must submit an application for re-registration through their College Registrar’s Office. Students who previously studied as non-degree visiting students do not request re-registration. They must submit a new visiting student application and valid letter of permission through Woodsworth College.

Students who were previously registered in the Faculty but who did not achieve final standing (e.g. a final grade or CR/NCR) in at least one course must re-apply for admission through the Ontario Universities Application Centre.

Students with outstanding accounts may not re-register at the University until these accounts are paid. 

The recommended timeframe to submit an application for re-registration is a minimum of two weeks prior to course enrolment for the relevant session. Course enrolment for the Fall/Winter session begins in July; course enrolment for the Summer session begins in March. Although applications for re-registration will continue to be accepted after these dates, please note that if enrolment has already started some courses may no longer have space. 

It is recommended that students planning to re-register make an appointment with an advisor in their College Registrar’s Office to discuss their academic plans, their degree and program requirements, and any changes in Faculty policies or procedures since their last registration.